Girls, How can I have a slightly larger bust?

I have a naturally poor body (no bust.. at all.) I'm seriously comfortable this way since it's much better for me to walk and run around that way.. But the thing is.. There's this guy I like.. and I feel like most guys are attracted by appearances.. I feel like I'm not feminine enough for him. What do you think? Are there any ways other than surgeries? I'm too young for that.


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  • Let me present to you my religion, natural breast enhancement. I did it for a while and noticed some very promising results but I have 0 dedication so eventually I got lazy and didn't continue it, if you really want to tho you can grow up to 3 cup sizes. I thoroughly researched it before beginning and so should you. Also before I begin I want to say some things up front, it'll take at least 1 hour a day everyday. Once you grow your boobs to your desired size you can't just stop (although you can stop following the routine as often, instead of doing it daily you can do it every 2 weeks or so). And the last thing I wanted to say is that results don't start rolling in (for most people) until about 1-2 months and sometimes not until 2-3 months. Now as for the actual procedure I'll write it down as a comment to this response because I'm running out of words for this response. Oh also when you begin researching I would start of with looking up:
    Breast Enhancement Ringtone (it's on YouTube and around 6 minutes)
    Lift breasts naturally in 20 seconds (Also on Youtube and I would skip the beginning because it's only talking)
    Foods that make your breasts bigger
    Increase a cup size within 30 days with breast massage (the website is called natural remedies or something like that)


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  • Find yourself a nice padded, push-up bra. Took me years, but I finally found one that gives my small chest some cleavage. I swear, my boobs looked a half way decent size but it's mostly padding.

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    • I've tried this, but I hate looking fake. I want them to really be slightly bigger.

    • It's only fake while you have the bra on. When it comes down to it, most guys don't really care once the bra in off. If you watch any porn you'll see that so many young girls in the videos hardly have anything and yet guys are still getting off from watching them.

  • Just embrace your body for how it is! You don't want a man ONLY attracted because you have a large bust. That is not the kind of man you want or need in your life for the long run. There is not unfortunatly a way to make them bigger. Guys are much more attracted to a girl with a PERSONALITY. Yeah, they might "get the goods" from some other chick, but they will always be "some other chick" and not the girl they want in the end. That is most important.

  • I really feel like this is the wrong approach to try and get his attention. If you feel unhappy with your body the way it is now, by all means, change it however you like. But if you're changing it for someone else, please don't.
    In general, you usually can't change your bust size without surgery, although I've heard that eating foods with more oestrogen, or foods that trigger the production of oestrogen, can slightly increase your bust size.