How would you rate me?

Based on collective gag information.

1.) Gag Goblin: Greedy, selfish, smart, sneaky little creepy guy. Aeon you are a total badass sex beast.
How would you rate me?
2. Nice guy Sam: Aeon you are a sweet kind heart wonderful guy "Kisses"

3. Trump like douchebag: Aeon STFU! Tired of your sexist bullshit! Arrogant dickshit!

Sephiroth: Glorious and noble... AEON!

One Winged Angel: Veni, veni, venias, Ne me mori facias!!!

  • Gag Goblin
    29% (2)17% (1)23% (3)Vote
  • Nice guy Sam
    29% (2)33% (2)31% (4)Vote
  • Trump
    29% (2)33% (2)31% (4)Vote
  • Sephiroth
    13% (1)0% (0)8% (1)Vote
  • One Winged Angel
    0% (0)17% (1)7% (1)Vote
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  • Well, you seem to be an arrogant douchebag, so I'll go with C.


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