I Have Excess Body Hair for a Girl, What Should I Do?

This is something I am super self-concious about. I always knew I had more body hair than girls are supposed, but so do some of my friends and family so I didn't think to much of it. I kind of put it off until in seventh grade I heard two guys talking about me and one said, "But she has a moustache, when she turns her head, it is like full on black." Then the other said, "Yeah, that is one downside." And that was before the hair got as bad as it is today. Another time a girl at summer camp also said to me once, "You have a moustache, what are you trying to be manly or something?" And there have been more examples of soem of my own friends even commenting on it, including the peach fuzz on my jawline.

It isn't just my face either, i have hair on my chest, stomack, back, and basically everywhere. I shave my arms and legs and pluck my face with tweezers, it doesn't really work. What should i do? Keep in mind I am in no way able to afford anyhting like laser hair removal surgery. This really bothers and embarasses me and I don't know what to do.


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  • Well it seems as though it is more of a hormonal issue in your body, you're young so it makes sense for your body to have a lot of hormones but either you have too much testosterone (guy hormone mostly) or too little estrogen (girl hormone mostly). Or both. I say mostly because both genders have both hormones but girls have more estrogen and boys have more testosterone. Anyways, your hormones are off which is why you have so much hair. Usually only guys develop facial hair, chest hair and back hair so just ask a doctor at a checkup or ask a family member. Also, hair under your armpits and legs are normal for girls we just usually shave it. (Btw once in a while girls do get hair in between their boob's because of all the sweat and germs and such but not so often) hope this helps :)


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  • So, uh, shave then?

    • The fact that you upvote my post, which is a pretty obvious solution to your problem, and not reply, makes you seem incredibly clueless.

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    • It only grows back worse if you let it grow long, then shave it, then let it grow long again...
      Shave it every day or every other day in the shower and you be good.
      Or wax it, which is cheaper than laser removal.

    • Okay :) I'll keep that in mind :D

  • As someone who as been made fun of due to excessive hair, trust me it gets easier. Soon, you'll realise that you're attractive in your own way, and you'll feel confident about yourself. If you try to fit into everyone else definition of normal or attractive, then you're just getting rid of your own self. Trust me, you'll soon realise that it doesn't actually matter as much as you think


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  • Yes, I get that too. Not as bad as you ofcourse, but I have a little red peach fuzz moustache and a few hairs of a beard if I do not shave it.
    I have a little electric trimmer I use once in a while to remove it.

    Or there is a product called Nair, I've never used it, but I know people that do.
    There is waxes out there, but this girl will never use them and have hair ripped out my skin, lol, too painful.
    The trimmer works great.

    I would not worry about asking your doctor since there is zero that can be done about it.
    It happens, it is 100% natural. I too have higher testosterone than estrogen, but there is zero a doctor can do about it.
    I've noticed a lot of Spanish people get that.

  • This may help you to understand why you have excessive hair growth: www.nlm.nih.gov/.../003148.htm

    As far as solutions, you basically have two at this point. One is to accept yourself as you are, and the other is to do what most of us other gals do, which is shave, wax, pluck, nair, facial strip, etc. just much more than the average woman would. At this young stage in your life, just about anything going on with your body is up for fair game as you try and fit in and be a part of your peer group. If it wasn't your hair, it would be your height, or your butt, or your ears, or your weight. You're in that period in your life where people are really brutal. Yep, cliche as it may sound, it will get better. You'll either stop caring as much or do the second option which is to do whatever it is you want to get rid of the hair. Either way, don't let thoughts about it consume your life. You are much more than a few extra hairs. Good luck with everything.

  • I have a lot of hair too :[ just know you're not aloneeeeeee xD (well i dont get facial hair but yeah)

  • just wax or shave.