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I'm meeting up with this guy on Thursday and I was wondering if I need any improvements or fixes? In general
Need improvements?


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  • Just have fun.
    From you picture, you look like the intelligent type (nerdy some may say). Nothing wrong with it, I'm just establishing a "type". Then asking if he is the same "type". If so, you're good to go as-is.
    If you feel he's not that "type" exactly, you may opt for something a little more date-like when it comes to how you dress. You're a pretty girl that's hidden by some goofiness or lack of sexiness. Again... if he's the same way, you're perfect as-is. Otherwise, try and dress or something a little more feminine... just to get his attention if he's only seen you as you are in the picture.
    As someone else said... he must like you as-is because he asked you out. That's a great way to start things.

    • I'll try to of course
      thank you, yeah what I'm currently wearing in that photo is more of a casual chill outfit but when I meet him I plan to dress more of a dressed up causal
      oh haha cool I hope so
      once again thanks

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