An 30)35 year old man is always staring at me like I don't know if its a mockery or am I pretty?


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  • You might just remind him of something or someone from his past.

    • He did tell me i looked like someone he knew and that i was carismatic... you are 36 so has it ever happened that a 18 or so year old attracted you because of someone you knew.. and how so?

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    • Wow thanks for such a nick name you have you are not that perverted I thin I used to be more perverted than you taking hs compliments in a wrong way hut I think its number one wow that helped and saved me from a lot thanks!

    • I used to be very very different lol

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  • You are pretty and he is a dirty old man

    • He is because he is married and calling me beautiful but at the same time I hear he is worried on how to make up for next month for his kid and wife he seems humble I know don't let that fool you but I think he is just nasty not a bad person

    • I don't think am pretty


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  • Lucrecia? is that a latin name?

    • Why are you asking me a question you are suppose to be answering mine

    • Well, I can't tell if you're pretty, and all the other answers already state the options that I thought about.

      I asked this, cause I used to have a crush on a girl with a very similar name... sorry

    • O lol its not my name but I am Hispanic its a Spanish name if u like her how do u not know... and I'm not asking for a compliment just review the story

  • Take it as a compliment and that he finds you attractive

    • No he's old.. do you'll compliment all the young girls when its all the young girls is not a compliment anymore

    • Yeah, you must have caught him on a good day, when his nursing staff and Zimmer frame weren't in sight...

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  • You might be pretty or he is desperate.

  • you're pretty.