Game time: guess the ethnicity?

Post something and lets see how many people can guess your ethnicity based on your profile picture or a posted picture
if you post something, you need to comment on everyone else's haha.
Dont say if its correct until you have at least 5 comments
lets start!!!


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    The only way anyone will be able to guess correctly is if either I've already told them or if they look through my posts to find where I've stated what I am.

    Hint: It is more than one ethnicity. A lot more.

    • I know your part Asian, but I can't remember the rest.

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    • Nice, partial victory then lol. I'm positive there's a Hispanic country in there somewhere. Dominican Republic?

    • @Northeast106 Yes, I am predominately Latino, and 2 of my ethnicities are from the Carribean, but the DR isn't one of them :P

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