Girls, Is this a good profile picture for a dating site?

Girls, Is this a good profile picture for a dating site?

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  • No, it's blurry, tilted and the colours are boring. I'd not even look twice, which is a shame because you aren't ugly.

    • So your saying i am really attractive just need a better photo and what do you mean by colours?

    • Im saying the photo is pretty bad, you need something in god quality.

    • *good


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  • I seriously don't know why people would think that's a bad picture. I like it, you're attractive, it's quite clear, and the lighting is nice enough. Although it isn't the best one you could take. For example I think maybe taking one outdoors while it's sunny (but still in the shade) would look really nice especially if the scenery is beautiful. It would just make the colors pop like your blue eyes would look stunning outdoors in contrast with the green (or autumn colors.)

    • thanks yeah i should get a photo outdoors but i just feel awkward taking selfies outside lol but yeah didn't think of getting in the shade to get the lighting right thanks

    • Haha yeah taking photos outdoors is pretty awkward when people are walking by but if you do decide to take one outdoors I would recommend to take it when the sun is coming down (when you can still see the light from it and it's bright out but not when the sun is at its highest point.) Also remember to take it in the shade and if the lighting looks weird start rotating in place until it looks nice. I'm not exactly sure why it's like that but sometimes when I'm taking selfies outdoors the light from outside seems to bring out all of my flaws and when you rotate in place there will be a spot that you find that makes you look really nice, it gives your skin this glow-y radiant appearance makes acne less noticeable, and highlights great qualities like smiles or eyes.

  • Meh, I wouldn't say so.