Need some direction in college?

So I just started at a local good sized junior college and obviously the large ammount of attractive women has got me wanting me to get my game up. I worked a full time job on the road for the last 3 years straight out of Highschool and college has been a whole new social world for me. I do have social anxiety but I'm getting better every day at overcoming it and being myself. My question regards approaching girls in a causal freindly way. The probelm is 99.9% of the girls I'm attracted to show no interest. I always try and make eye contact with a light smile but most won't even look at me and if they do they quickly tense up look away or down. These aren't the hottest of the hottest girls either. Not to be rude but I get loads of attention from African American and overweight girls I'm just not attracted to. Nothing against them as a person Its just not what I'm into. I'm 22, 6'2 slim/fit, have a nice haircut and take pride in my appearance/style. I have confidence in my appearance. I dont expect great girls to put themselves out there but I've always felt more comfortable with some friendly vibes to base my approach on. Should I just start working on my cold approaching? I feel like I'm missing out on way to many amazing women because of that slight fear of rejection. I'll include some pictures of me to back up my informaton.
Need some direction in college?


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  • The cold approach can be quite rewarding. Work on it and just go for it.