Guys, what should I wear/how should I act?

Long story short - there's someone I know who's a little older than me (I'm 19) and we know each other but don't really get to speak a lot.. I see him out and about anyway and he tends to take more notice when I'm wearing nicer clothes/gazes more.. anyway, this is very forward lol but from a guys perspective, what would catch yoru attention most - clothes/hairstyle etc/the way a woman acts? I need to know what kind of things to wear/how to act/how to style myself to catch his eye!

Thanks in advance guys - feel free to direct message too if you have any tips!!


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  • It all depends on the guy and the girl in question. Personally I have a thing for the introverted, glasses wearing, ponytail having, bookish type but that is just me. The important thing is to act like yourself. If you have to change who you are to attract a guy you will attract a guy who does not really like you. Eventually you will revert back to your normal self and he will be like “who are you? Where is the girl I started dating?”

    And a short skirt with thigh socks never hurt anyone.


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  • I am tempted to say all of the above - Guys don't know what attracts their attention it just does - Very cliched but I think you would be better served just by being yourself.

  • you should wear a leather mini skirt black tank and a jacket bootie and black pantyhose