My boyfriend says I have an amazing butt but I think its not that great?

Hey so my boyfriend tells me all the time that I have an amazing butt but from my point of view I dont really think so.. He says that its big and just really great and stuff. I think my butt is not that amazing actually. Its not like I have no butt at all but I also dont have a big butt like he says. Sometimes I wanna ask him if he is blind lol. I've told him what if u see another girl with a better butt then me and he is like u have the best butt.. I don't know Im really self consious about that part of my body. What if he is lying just to make me feel good?


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  • I am assuming you are both heterosexual and seeing as how his head is not attached to your body he probably has a better view of your butt. Look at it objectively you are attracted to men, looking at a girls butt in a mirror thinking it is not that good. He is attracted to women, looking at a girls butt in person thinking it is a nice butt. I think he is in a better position to judge the quality of your rear end.

    Besides nobody is perfect even if you have the worst butt in the world and he is still able to look past that and tell you how much he loves your body he is a guy worth keeping around.

    If you are just interested in finding out if he really likes it or not… well if he slaps it, or likes to go at it doggy style then yes he really likes it.

    • Well he actually do both of these lol. He like slapping my ass while we re having sex and doggy style is one of his favorites positions. Also he grabs my butt at random times when we are together. Thanks for your answer!!

    • well than chances are pretty good you have a really nice ass, making your boyfriend a pretty lucky guy. Unless you want to post pictures on here I can't really judge it any better than that.


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  • As someone else says everyone has different tastes. I would take it as a compliment and presume he is telling truth.

  • what is big and looks good and what not is very subjective. if he tells you all the time that he loves it then I think it's what he really thinks and not just to make you feel good. and because you are his girl he'll automatically think even better about it.

    can't tell anything about your butt without having seen it but I'd say you should just accept that he likes it ;)

  • Different guys have different ideas of what makes a great ass. And love can certainly color your vision. He likes your ass, accept that and be happy.

  • So what if he is? But he's not.

  • He probably really likes your ass because its your ass so its the best ass.

    • The thing is that Im really self consious.. Im always really scared that when he is going out he will look at other girls asses and think that thet have a great ass even better than mine. He told me that he doesn't look at oher girls because in his eyes I m the best. I believe him. I know he doesn't lie. But then I start overthinking about my butt lol.

    • Well I have no idea how your butt looks but I can't speak on that. He is with you so even if he thinks other girls butts are better he picked you and he would never end something like that because a girl has a better ass. Especially because he already thinks you have a great ass.

    • I guess you are right. Thanks!

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