Rate this girl and explain why?

+ Can be kind, wears tight fitting clothes, suggestive.
- Very attention seeking. Has a boyfriend but very touchy/suggestive.
Other: Sucks finger to tease. Likes to be center of attention. Manipulates you so you don't meet hot girls she knows (by not letting you get to know them!)

Rate this girl and explain why?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I would rate her a 3 or 4 out of 10 (considering her personality), she's pretty but she sounds like a crappy person to be honest. 'very attention seeking' 'manipulates' 'teases' 'likes to be the center of attention.'

    • Well said!! Yep crappy.

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    • Totally agree, you're spot on! So she's limiting other people's options deliberately.. it seems so wrong?

      I pm'ed you the question (brocha). Thanks so much! Look forward to your opinion on there.

    • Did the pm work? =)

Most Helpful Guy

  • i'd fuck her, then never talk to her again.

    so basically a zero.

    • Respect love that comment!!

      So why zero?


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What Girls Said 1

  • She sounds like a real winner.

    Her eyebrows are NOT on point. Someone get that girl a tweezer. 😱

    • Lol!!!

      Clarify the brows?

      What do you make of the whole not letting her friends meet hot girls other course?

    • Thoughts?

What Guys Said 7

  • I give her a 5. she's not ugly she's not pretty she's just kinda meh

    • Fair enough. What do you make of her personality/behavior listed above?

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    • hey I've fucked not so hot girls in the past. they were nymphos and I don't know i guess i liked the idea of just rough dirty sex.

    • Yeah that kinda makes sense. As in she is quite kinky. She sucks her finger really dirtily... Why did she do that? Is she kinky?

  • Reasonable bone structure, looks best in picture on right. Those eyebrows have to go though. Probably flighty and inreliable, but some people like that kind of thing.

    • Lol, clarify bone structure?

      Yeah looks quite good on the right, though the far left expression is quite hot for some reason? Her mouth is very seductive in a bj way.

      When you say flighty how do you mean? Why would she be like she is? I'm pming you a question with more details. Could you take a look? It sounds like you know what you're talking about!

    • Appearance can be deceiving. I'm not sure I'm happy with you exposing your girlfriend here. Especially if she's not your girlfriend.

    • Yeah good point. What is with the personality, is it attention seeking?

  • About a 4 or a 5...

    • Nice and why?

    • IMHO, she's simply very average. In truth, 'pretty people' are simply normal people with very distinct symmetrical features. Because we are creative and conscious creatures with cognitive thoughts, by nature we seek and classify persons with the most common and/or obvious relatively symmetrical features as pretty... beautiful... attractive... etc. Her most obvious features (eyes, ears, eyebrows, mouth, nose, chin) are simply normal and have no distinctive shape etc that are sufficient to leave a lasting impression which would classify her as any of the aforementioned commonly used complimentary adjectives. Just my.02?

  • Like a 1. Her personality would not go well with me.

    • Well said. Yeah what is with her personality? Why does she do those things?

      Lol on 1. Is she that poor in looks? Why would I imagine her giving me a bj?

    • She rates so low because her personality would not mix well with mine. Any manipulation is an automatic deal breaker. Very attention seeking would annoying. Always having to be the center of attention would be annoying.

    • Yep agreed. So in terms of looks what is she?

      Totally concur on personality. Manipulation is not ok at all. Pming you a question, could you check it out pls? It has more details. Would appreciate it!

  • That creepy-ass Photoshop (Paint) job...

    • Think it was owing to the size of image you can post, not sure what happened with the last one!

      Anyhow what do you rate her and why?

  • About an 8 I guess

    • 8? Really? Why?

    • I guess I was basing it more on looks but personality wise I guess a 5

    • Yeah. Oh looks tho really an 8? Maybe 7., but personality is poor. Why would she be like that?

  • She looks okay.