Girls, I don't like my body?

I'm 15 and a sophomore. I'm already 5'5 so imagine when I'm done growing. I'll be a giant. I have hair like... everywhere and it's so annoying and my legs don't look nice. There so long. I weigh 115 pounds, which I feel like is a lot and I have a small bust. I'm nowhere near an A cup and I got my period when I was 10. My body is ugly. I don't go to beaches or pools, I hate wearing dresses and skirts becuase they don't look nice. Literally every girl I know has a better body than me. I'm always compared to my cousin by my mom who has a great body, is pretty, has B cup boobs despite getting her period super late. Everything looks nice on her. Nothing looks nice on me and probably never will. Advice?


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  • First, what's wrong with being tall?
    You're 15 and started your period at ten so honestly you probably won't get much taller if at all, so you'll end up a bit above average height and what's wrong with that?
    Long legs... that's considered ideal.

    I have a friend who's about 5'9", slim, long legs, blonde hair, adorable and sexy. When she was your age, she looked awkward. Towered over everyone, a little chubby, insecure.
    But as she got older she grew into herself and learned to love her body. The boys caught up to her height wise soon enough.

    When I was 15, I was barely 5 feet tall, awkwardly thin, no ass, no tits... guys made fun of me for it. I'm 19 now and I love my body, I filled out and I have curves, the same guys are complimenting my figure now.

    What I'm trying to say is that you're definitely going to change. But even if you didn't you need to find what you like about your body. You need to love yourself.


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  • Well gee let's use some common sense for this situation.

    You're 15 and 5'5" which makes your BMI 19.1. UNDERWEIGHT is 18.5 or less. So there's pretty much no way you're overweight or need to worry about being overweight.

    As far as your bust, it's not like the girls are going to be overflowing if you're super skinny AND you're not done growing. If you're still unhappy with them in your 20s just get a boob job.

    Tell your parents you're having absurd thoughts about your body and how it looks and how you compare to others and it's seriously impacting your self esteem and want to see a therapist.

  • try clothes that make you feel comfortable! if you don't like the way your legs look, wear to-the-ankle rolled "boyfriend" jeans with a boho- top. its not tight, and still loooks really nice. try a new hair style, (straightening, then ponytail, braid overnight, side braid, etc.) get highlights, try a new mascara, or eyeliner. those things always make me feel more confident! and just be yourself.
    just try to perk yourself up a little, one thing at first. it can change the way you feel about yourself, and you never know, someone might ask you for advice too. (: and listen to meghna trainorsuper music, it gives you those positive vibes, and good bdy image vibes too!!!

  • Common dont treat yourself like that ! Im sure you are a total beauty, hell all women are ;D were all beautiful and go do you! try on all the clothes you wouldn't normally and dont think to much on it.. I've had those insecurities but when I wear things I tell myself im a goddess, you have to feel confident in what ever you wear hun! And i feel you on the small bust but hey they are appreciated no matter the size !! start with telling yourself your beautiful !!

  • Okay you think that you are tall? I am 5' 7.5"/ 5' 8" and I am a 14 year old freshman lol. plus long legs are usually considered hot by guys so don't think that having long legs is bad.

  • long legs are the best