Guys, Is this a good strategy to go from fire hot to sun level hot to girls?

Okay... so firstly I have a really good looking face and I have the perfect male body and am a top student in my class (high paying job waiting after I graudate). BUUUT I am 5 ft 9 you see. Should I get some blue or green contact lenses and wear elevator shoes aka Robert Downey Jr shoes aka Tom Cruise shoes so that I can get away with saying I'm 6ft. I mean by the time we're both in bed we are all pretty much the same height right? And girls don't REALLY care about coloured eyes being natural right? I mean I'm an easy 8 without these but a top tier 10 physically with them. And I'm intelligent too (partly the reason why I could be considered insecure... I cannot accept not being the best).


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  • Are you a troll? Or are you really that fucking vain? In case you are not a troll, the answer is NO, that is not a good strategy. How about not being so vain. How about being a *person* that girls might like. Do you really want a girl who is so shallow that she cares about the color of your contact lenses? Do you want real intimacy and someone who nuzzles you because she likes YOU. Or do you want someone who is attracted to your contact lenses, your degree, your height, or your high paying job?

    You are totally thinking along the wrong lines.

    • I just want Girls to go FULL on slut mode for me.


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  • If you have money and status, your height doesn't matter.

    • I am talking about the situation I sometimes dread... when I walk into the same room as a 6ft 3 good looking, ripped, and as rich if not more rich than me guy... THAT IS WHAT I FEAR MORE THAN DEATH ITSELF. I know that there are more than a few tall good looking ripped billionaires out there... are there? They're my idols. But hey... elevator shoes ftw right?

    • There aren't many rich, ripped billionaires. There are plenty of women so you don't need to necessarily compete with these guys.

  • you got all those guns lock and loaded and you fuss over height? Are you kidding me?
    I'd say ur good to go bruh. There's bound to be girls clinging on to you. If you still wanna go with the height factor, I won't stop you. I never bothered with the height factor. (Hell, she liked me even when I'm shorter than her.)

  • Sounds like you're really humble and modest too

    • Tell me this brah... why shouldn't we all just focus on looking aesthetic as possible and study our asses off and/or kill it at the workplace and be super narcissistic like Tony Stark (one of the reasons I choose to better myself everyday). WE ARE ALL TONY STARK. AND MY PEPPER POTTS shall look like KIM KARDASHIAN WITH JULIES FACE. YOURS CAN TOO. WORK

    • Lol Angelina Jolie not Julie. ... stupid AUTOCORRECT

    • To each his own, I guess.

  • Lol nah bro. Color contacts are lame unless you're in a Halloween costume. You don't need to be taller. I'm much shorter and pussy gets thrown at me sometimes.