Who is hotter... can't decide? Pls rate them and why?

GIRL 1: Ambitious and likes to dance. Nice when not with others. Slightly uppish/full of herself.
Who is hotter...can't decide? Pls rate them and why?
GIRL 2 : Fun, but short attention span. Mind games with texts (lack of initiation). Short notice to meet. Not grateful.


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  • Neither one. Keep looking.

    • Lol tbh I also am still looking. Girl 1 is hot, but arrogant. Girl 2 is pretty, and must be fun in the bedroom as she is at parties, but she has a terrible lack of gratitude and plays mind games with texts. Short attention span.. geesh.


    • Based on appearance, Girl 1 is a 7 and Girl 2 is a 7-8. They may both be fun in bed but the rest of the time would probably be miserable.

    • It's hot to imagine them both being fun in bed!

      Lol I agree I think other times would be sad what with the uppishness

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What Girls Said 2

  • Neither. I'd go find myself a woman. But to get back on topic, I'd choose girl 1.

    • Ok so why her and not the other?


  • which one is V.

    • V is neither! But similar.

      What about these two?

What Guys Said 4

  • girl 2, more natural, nicer hips no belly overlaping shit and just more realistically looking for me coming from Europe.
    socially tho: not any of em

    • the traditional clothes is pretty

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    • im not indian either but i love their style

    • Yeah I think it's just a one off picture. Girl 1 looks very good in a dress. She's more a kelly brook body whilst 2 is a Taylor swift.

      Girl 1 looks pretty model like. Girl 2 looks wild and fun. Love that cheekiness

      But 1 is arrogant and 2 has such a short attention span!!! Mind games with texts?

      Ratings tho and why?

  • Girl 1 seems better for me but I prefer not connecting with either.

    • Ok so why 1 and why not connect!

  • Still going with girl b, though I do not think this is an appropriate way for you to decide which woman you like

    • This is just a rate her question. So why girl 2 and not 1! And rating?

  • To be honest if it were up to me I wouldn't go for either. If it comes to looks the second one is better looking but she clearly isn't that interested giving the fact that she lacks initiation. Tough spot haha

    • Nice call. Yeah tough spot right?

      2nd has a nicer face, 1 the better body.

      Yeah 3 is fun but short attention span? How would you rate each and why?