What would you men and women rate me on a scale of tadpole to Kermit the frog?

What do you'll think

  • Tadpoles are natures sperm
    7% (1)40% (2)15% (3)Vote
  • Your a tadpole
    0% (0)20% (1)5% (1)Vote
  • your a toad
    33% (5)20% (1)30% (6)Vote
  • your a frog
    7% (1)0% (0)5% (1)Vote
  • kermit the frog
    33% (5)0% (0)25% (5)Vote
  • go wear a spongebob bra www.polyvore.com/.../img-thing
    20% (3)20% (1)20% (4)Vote
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  • You're a frog now only if you can get your princess to turn you into a prince.

    • lol what would be the point of that? :P

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    • Lol that's what I said in my opinion. Have you ever read the princess and the frog?

      The frog was a prince the the princess wasn't a princess until she kissed the frog which turned him back into a human and they got married which made her a princess.

    • oh lol well then yeah I thought when you said prince you meant turn your female princess into a prince which would make it a man lol

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