Why do I look so good some times and other times I look really ugly?

I have no idea why but I just seem to be so polar in the way that I look, its actually really annoying. There are some days where I will wake up and look in the mirror and be like "Wow I actually look really hot" and on some of those days girls will compliment me, but then there are other days that I wake up and I look like a pile of sh-t to the point that I dont want to go out because of it. I really dont understand it, I think part of it is because I have horrendous acne, and some days it looks better then other days, but why would my acne do that to begin with? And some days my eyes for some reason look really cool, and girls tell me that my eyes are so gorgeous, but then other days they just dont look good. And its the same thing with pictures, sometimes I look really good and girls will post things like "Ooh hot" or something like that, but then other pictures I will look like a complete pile of crap, my smile will be weird, or my eyes will look weird, or my acne shows up more, its just so weird how this happens. I dont really know why that is but its really weird, do other people have this problem or is it just me? Why does this happen?


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  • Same here you just have one of those faces


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  • id like to follow this but u aren't gonna get an credible answer