Isn't Lana a babe?

Isn't Lana a babe?

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  • Uhm no not really
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  • Yes and I love her music😍❤️
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  • Hell yeah, I love that girl. Her voice makes me fall for her, she's so sexy and her sex appeal is crazy as fuck. She has a classy look but she's also very rude, a strong and powerful girl. You gotta love this woman.

    Her lips are the best, her nose is also perfect and THAT BODY. Dude, she's perfect.

    • You might just be my new favorite person haha! I go through periods where all I listen to is her! She's amazing. She has this whole different old style ❤️

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    • Ooh you're right haha. I don't want her to go mainstream 😔

    • Me neither 😔

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