I freaked out after finding a white hair on my head?

I'm sure a lot of us have heard that gray or white hairs is a sign of getting old. So when I found a stand on my head randomly, I freaked out so bad, and immediately plucked the little f*cker out, lol.

In my family, white hairs, "canas" what we call them is rampant. My mom got a bunch of them when she was 9 years old, my uncle's when they were in their teens, and my 14 year old brother was born with them! So it's hereditary. But I still freaked out over it, and bawled my eyes out, lmao.

Now I don't care about it. I've come to terms that it's hereditary, and it really doesn't look any different from the rest of my hair, only the color it's different. So whatever. When it grows back, I'm just gonna leave it be. I actually think it looks cool. As long as it's as healthy as the rest of my hair, then I don't care. Plus I think it adds character to a person. So I don't mind. It's only one for now.

Who knows, maybe I'll become a bad ass like kaneki, lol, I hope someone on here gets that reference. XD

Are there any GaGers on here that have strands of white?


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  • I had my first strand of 'grey hair' when I was in my late teens. Now, I am 29 and more than 30% of my hair has gone grey. So I just colour it black.

    • Do you color it because you don't like how it looks like?

    • Yup! I have youthful looks in general. At 29, I look like a 23 or 24 year old. I don't want to spoil my looks by sporting grey hair.

      Also, although in my case too it is heredity, grey hair significantly reduces the chances of women finding me attractive. So I have no choice but to colour my hair.

    • Ah I see. :-o

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  • Oh relax. I've had gray hair since 14. One tiny piece of gray hair means nothing at 21.

    • Yeah, its basically just the absence of melatonin, which gives it the color. My little bro had a bunch of them he was born with, so me complaining isn't don't him justice, lol

  • I have found a white hair before (my friend actually) I think it must just run in the genes :P I think mine was because of stress, you can get white hairs for that too, it's common. Are you feeling stressed at all?

    • Definitely. With school, part time working, just life in general is stressing me out. I think stress, plus I haven't been exactly eating or sleeping healthy at all currently. Lol that and genes.

      But I feel silly for freaking out like that. :x

    • Hehe, it's nothing to worry about :) I did research on it when I found out. It's definitely stress and diet, just eat healthily (which was what I was also doing wrong during exams etc) and stay positive haha even when shit is real xD

    • Lol, so true. There are what things than a little white hair.

  • i dont have any hair :(

    • Aw man, now I feel vain. :/

    • there's always someone worse off than you! male pattern baldness is a terrible condition.

      Im joking :p

      Actually i dont mind being bald at all lol. i used to shave my head when i had hair haha

  • I found a strand of blue hair , trust me it's worse than white.

  • I've got a handful of them, it's hereditary

    • Yeah, in my family too. I dont particularly mind, cuz its not something i can stop, lol. I guess i just freaked out at first because there was a change i didn't notice.

    • I just laughed about it.
      Kinda like oh well it's there

  • Better than finding a curly black hair on it

  • I have one that grows out the center of my forehead that everyone points out to me to pluck it out when they see it. I can never seem to catch it in the light unless I get it from the right angle.


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