Girls, opinions? Have I not solved the height problem (relevant for males under 6ft)?

Okay, so I am a good looking guy with a nice body and a very bright future with $$$$$$. BUT thing is... I'm 5ft 9. You know what troubles me? The good looking, physically fit and intelligent guy (me) who is 6ft plus (not me).
NOW I can get 90 percent of women easily. But the remaining 10%? ME WANT! OH... and I always want to turn heads (I already do... but if I looked 6ft 2 with my body and face, not to mention credentials I would make Girls wet just at my sight) But they want 6ft right? PEople say that height can't be changed? Well what about 5 inch elevator shoes? I will be 6ft 2 in them.
LET'S face it the only reason Girls want tall guys is because they want to wear their heels and not tower their partner. THAT'S all. So if I'm 6ft 2 with Tom Cruise shoes lol... I'm pretty much your 6ft 1 guy wearing normal 1 inch shoes. HAVE I SOLVED THE HEIGHT PROBLEM FOR BRAHS UNDER 6FT? YES I HAVE. And will they eventually come off? Of course... but by the time we are both on our barefeet... well she's already begging for my reproductive organ right? I mean why else would we both be shoe less? This is more for one night stands by the way. For relationships I'll probably settle for a 5 ft 7 Girl later when Im 30. How is this plan?


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  • I'm 5'8 so for a guy you're pretty short, but just be confident with the height you are now and you'll be fine. And NO elevator shoes that's weird

    • Ummm... here's what I'm saying... a good looking ripped and money making 5ft 9 is 6ft with 5 inch elevators (they look normal shoes). And the only reason you'd care about height is that you want to appear still shorter in heels right? Once shoes come off so do panties right?

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    • ARE YOU SERIOUS? Say a 5ft 9 7+/10 guy like me guy walks into a night club. I get some attention right? Then suddenly a 6ft plus 7+/10 guy walks into da club and steals my shine. Can't let that happen you know? So since I'll be wearing God shoes it'll be an even playing field.
      I say 7+/10 because beyond the 7 range it all gets blurry.10 s are 7s and 8s are 9's and all other combinations. Beyond 7 it's all subjective (though some argue it's subjective all the time).
      I am narcissistic. Tony Stark from Iron man is my idol. RDJ has been seen wearing these shoes. HUE huehue

    • still doesn't change my opinion but like i said if elevator shoes will make you more comfortable and happy do it

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  • People on the internet sure do place a lot of importance on height. I'm only 5'7 and I always have girls interested in me and it's usually the ones who are around my height if not slightly taller them me.

    Maybe it due to my other good qualities but my height has never hindered me in the dating field (as far as I know). The only thing that sucks about being my height is being incapable of looking over certain objects that are taller then me, but that's pretty much it.

    You would be amaze to know that shorter people have many advantages that often get overlooked.

    • THIS IS FOR SLAYING IN THE CLUB. A 6FT PLUS LOOKING GUY with a decent face and good body will be able to bang anyone in a club scene. SO why not wear dem shoes? Get on the 6ft slayer train with me brah. Then we'll get on the blue or green contact lenses to da club boat too. Sound good?
      As you can PROBABLY tell I am extremely narcissistic.


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  • There's a limb lengthening surgery but its pretty expensive and the healing process is long and painful. I think you can gain up to 6 inches with it.

    I'd maybe go through with it if they came up with a way to make it safer, cheaper, and less painful, but currently it's not worth it.

    • But elevator shoes. DID YOU READ?

  • Girls dont give a fuck about any of that shit, especially height. Yes, height would be nice, but i've seen short guys pull tall girls. Like a short guy will never date a taller girl, a tall girl is willing to date a short guy if he's got game. 5'9, good looking, rich, etc. ur already set with any girl you want

  • This guy will solve any short man's problem for a modest price of $60,000.

  • lol I'm 5'6'' and I get to listen to someone who is average height be that insecure.

    • Brah wear 6 inch shoes (they look like sexy shoes trust me... aesthetic as fuck). Welcome to da 6ft club brah! Get ripped... get a good haircut and do your eyebrows. Welcome to the GOD life. Hopefully you have bright career aka $$$$$$ too. Good luck brah.

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    • Elite 6ft sex orgy tho... OK.

    • I'm good.