What do you think about this pic?

hey there me again. i thought i show a pic again. curious what you think about this one. just be honoust it is also ok if you want to give negatvie feedback i am open for all. you may give soe advise.

thanks for your time
What do you think about this pic?

  • i would date her
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  • i wouldn t even look around if she passes me
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  • she is ugly i almost need to vommit
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  • She looks like she's in her late 40's, but like a pretty person in their late 40's. If I were an older hetero guy I'd date her. Who is she anyway, and do you have permission to post her photo? owo

    • it is me. and actually i am 28. thanks for your time

    • O_O OML I am so sorry... Is that really you?

    • it s ok i already said just tell me your opinion positive or negative i am a bit younger then you thought no hard feelings toward you thanks for your time

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  • Surely you have a better pic. One where you're not squinting? I feel like this pic isn't your finest.

    • i thought the pic was ok... well thanks for your time and your respons

  • You have a lovely smile x

  • You just seem to be a bit older than 28. But there's nothing wrong with your looks, you look alright.