This guy has such an intense stare/brooding eyes?

I was looking over some photos of hot guys and came across this one. I dont care who he is, but I can't help noticing his eyes. They look so different. Like i can't put it in words. Can anyone describe his eyes and stare properly?


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  • He is really depressed... not in a sense of suicide or anything.. But in a sense of feeling almost like he lost something.
    In these moments of these pictures, he was thinking of something of which he wishes he had again.

    In this one, he is feeling numb.

    And in this one, this is the one where he is thinking about the thing he once had, now lost.

    Just from what I am personally gathering, he feels as though something is missing.


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  • this shit again? he looks weird

    • whats weird?

    • nvm i agree with XNicholeMariex3

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