Guys, What type of face shape of a girl's do you like/prefer?

I personally really like my facial features, they're not the most sexiest or hottest but they're beautiful and feminine, it really compliments my smile as well.

Anyway, my face shape is the only thing that bugs me everytime I look in the mirror, I mean I can angle my face right and all but you can't hide anything irl.

So, I wanted to ask my fellow guys out here, what face shape of a girl are you most attracted to? Thin and sleek moon shape, heart shape? Or the wider ones with an obvious jawline? Or it doesn't matter much as long as she has a pretty face.

(Don't give me that "you're beautiful inside out" shit I'm asking you as a bro so just tell me lol) it won't change what I think of myself, I'm just curious.


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  • Oval, square. Anything other than babyfsce and double chins lol


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  • Honestly, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. That's no bs. Some women I may find attractive may not seem so attractive to the next guy. There really is no formula for beauty other than in the interpretation of the viewer. Look how you want to look and I can PROMISE you that there will be a man out there who will absolutely adore it.

    Finally, I tend to be attracted to women with a slightly stronger jawline so, maybe sort of square but not really. At the end of the day, beauty is relative and can be traced back to simple symmetry. Hope this helped?

  • Oval face, but not too oval. Chubby face also cute, but not too chubby.