Do I have an unusual face?

I've had a considerable amount of people telling me that my face looks unusual lately and I thought they might be right, also, it was just a few days ago that I have what you call "a jawline" O. o

I get things like "Yeah, I recognized you by your face, I don't need your membership ID " , "I like your face " , " I haven't seen this type of facial symmetry yet, it's different and yet alluring "

And lots of people have called me "handsome" and stuff, although I don't know.. ( I can't judge myself).

I'm not fishing, I'm actually trying to get a better idea of how people perceive me based on my appearance. I also notice that people either dilike me completely or like me a lot - there is nothing in between I've observed

More opinions?


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  • You have the face that was shaped by the gods man really outlined haha if you were to come to America you would definitely be a successful model you should try and save up for a professional photographer and try to see if any industry would take you

    • @Ulyss , I had another one up actually, but I decided I didn't like it that much and put my now current one up. Honestly, I was messing with instagram a few days ago and a model agency from South Africa started following me - 20management or something - O. o other models have started following me, although I have nothing to do with those people actually O. o I'm about to start my career in psychology actually...

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    • you are not kidding me , are you?

    • Nope lol


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  • Im not sure about unusual per se-- attractive certainly

  • I agree - you are handsome. ;)

  • That looks fine


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  • You look fine even though you look like you might cry at the drop of a hat.

    • Haha, my eyes are very sensitive to light, and with a clean shaven face, I look "weaker " ^^

    • Well now go make some money model man.