Girls, rate these two guys facially? How can guy 2 improve?

Okay so this is basically a computer generated attractive face I found on Google a while ago. I wanna know whether or not I can look as good or come close to matching him in attractiveness facially (NOT IN appearance Since that is impossible) if I did my eyebrows and haircut?(I DO NOT WANT TO LOOK LIKE HIM AT ALL). No surgery jokes please.
ARE my pics really bad (lighting and quality and stuff)? I'd love to think so. Best case scenario in fact 😅😆😆

Again I know we are of different ethnicities (Lol he's actually Computer... but looks Eastern European ideal and stuff and I am well... Indian.). BUT I don't want to look like him and never will. But can I look as good if not better facially? Be honest. Thanks.😊

Girls, rate these two guys facially ? How can guy 2 improve?


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  • Why did you add so many pictures of yourself if they all kind of look the same? I would suggest cutting your hair maybe a little shorter so it looks a little more groomed. I think you're very good looking, why do you want to look like that computer guy?

    • I want to look as good as him. He's what comes up when you look up hot male face. Seriously. It's a computer generated attractive face.

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    • Do you think I can look as good if not better?

    • Definitely. You're cute


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  • honestly you are good looking. you just need to have a better haircut. o think you'll look better with it being short.

  • @Jxpxtxr look who's back? Oh wait, he weren't gone anyways. 😂

    • Oh yeah I won't even bother to still comment, I'm thinking about picking a funny nickname for him tho like the one I've found for the ostrich bird 😅😭

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    • @Jxpxtxr ahahah 😂 I saw another guy that were posting this two girls' pictures all over and jeez it's so easy to get my monthly "duty work" done just gotta report em all xD

    • Haha yeah GaG needs more people like you! 👍

  • Not really. That guy is white and you're Inidan I'm guessing?

    • You mean I cannot look as good as him? Or that I cannot look like him? And he's not white. That is a computer generated attractive face.

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    • Does me being Indian affect facial aesthetics?

    • No one can look as good as that computer image. Because it's computer-generated lol. But you can try. Every girl has a different racial preference. I am dating a white guy and I prefer white or Hispanic guys.