Do I look okay?

Do I look okay?
Would I be considered attractive at all? This particular picture doesn't show it but I have green eyes as well if that counts.

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Thank you all for your wonderful comments. I'm not "looking for attention", I was just curious because I've never seen myself as attractive or anything of the sorts. Again, thank you :)
Well I got quite a few good responses but mostly "Please leave earth and below average." Thanks guys for your input :)


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  • You look so happy! :)

    • I like to stay that way. I never want to negatively affect someone, so it's best to smile :)

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    • Haha you're welcome! It was really hard to pick between everyone, but I liked yours.

    • 🙋🏼

Most Helpful Guy

  • I laughed so hard when I read the last option "Please leave Earth" 😂 But for real, my girl---friend with me here thinks that ur hot, keep cookin good lookin'!

    • Glad you liked it haha👌🏼 Thank you for your input! I laughed pretty hard at your last line "keep cookin good lookin'

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