Girls, if I get a model body and take care of of my looks will I be hot enough to be considered a jerk?

My face is AT LEAST average. At best it's model material. But let's say it's average/ kinda above average. If I take care of my looks and have a model body will I be hot enough to be considered a player?
I AM NOT a player. I AM actually quite a nice guy who is knowledgeable and kind.


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  • True jerkhood is not achieved by looks. It goes deeper into the person's very actions and behaviors. So if you don't ACT like a jerk, you won't BE a jerk.

  • Oh please. Just be friendly AND good looking and you might get a friendly and good looking girlfriend. There's nothing to being a player, it's just exploiting the options you had to begin with, doesn't prove anything. I once played guys because I couldn't choose.. didn't have to have a 'model body' or whatever. Stop trying to be perfect, put yourself out there and have some fun, find someone special and be happy.

    • You don't need to be perfect. Players aren't perfect. Who cares if people think you're a player, I'd rather be charming.