Okay.. Right I just want opinons.. Tips?

Okay.. Right I just want opinons.. Tips?

Okay I'm so stuck on how to look older an more beautiful and flawless... I'm doing level 2 beauty therapy and I hate it I feel like at college im to ugly compared to my friends and everyone, in magaluf in June with a guy I really like, but I feel like am I pretty enough to work in a bar? If any of that makes any sense. Just tips on to bring out features or just opinions good or bad I'm not fussed thanks:) also I have scars on my legs and arms from a stupid thing (I'm over now) I'm really self conscious on how people will look at me on the beach and how the guy I like will think


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  • Don't worry, you are beautiful. I would get rid of the piercing it makes your face look hard. On the top left you have a little to much makeup on. I love your makeup on the top right (and bottom left). I think you are not wearing any makeup on the bottom right and you are gorgeous. But maybe you are wearing fake hair? I would keep it as natural as posable and just enhance your features. Like you have done at the top right and bottom left.

    I don't know how old you are exactly but I know how it feels when you look younger. I look a lot younger myself. But what I have done myself is just to accept it. If people get to know you, how you look doesn't matter. Just own it ;)

    And at last the scars. Nobody is perfect and totally secure about their body. Believe me, everyone has imperfections! And the guy you like is not worth it if he dislikes you because of something you have done in the past. And something that is about your body and not your personality.

    At the end, if you have a crappy personality it doesn't matter how good you look. So just try to be your best self! :)

    • Thank you Hun, yeah got rid of that piercing it was awful 😂 and yes the one with the long hair was fake:') it was a awful weave so glad it's out aha. But yeah thank you x


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  • I don't think you have to worry about anything as far as physical appearance. Yeah there might be some style tips & ideas you could play with to figure out what works best for you and the overall vibe you're going for.

    Your challenge seems to be more internal, like a psychological thing where for whatever reason you're hung up on certain things with your physical looks and lacking confidence in some areas. And so when that happens it affects your attitude and self image and body language and brings in negative vibes.

    I know it sounds pretty cliche but if you can fix things from the inside out things should fall into place much easier.

    • Yeah trying my best to work on myself inside so I can like myself. Thank you x

    • Don't worry, everyone has struggle & insecurities. You're completely normal, just try to fight through the irrational doubts and focus on the positives. If you don't mind I'm curious what the "stupid thing" you went through in the past... you could send me a message through my profile page but I totally understand if you'd rather not.

    • I was depressed and self harmed I was like it for 2years then moved in with my mum and got medicine and started life again I'm not ashamed I can't change it but I'm a better person now

  • Looks don't matter

  • Your kinda hot. Nice slim petite too.
    Nice. You don't wanna look old. Cute n young hot n sexy. Better the plain and old mature. Mature old. Lol
    I would snap

  • Well, I think that you are pretty tbh.
    Like I know absolutely NOTHING about makeup so yeah.
    Oh and the upper right picture makes you look like a doll, it might just me the lighting but its kind of creeping me out. I know that a lot of girls these days have self-image issues, so I have a feeling this is a product of that. You are fine.

    • Yeah it does the top right aha it's the lighting I know that for a fact 😂😂

  • Your shorter hair is adorable.
    Don't try to be older... try to reinforce personality.

    And guys like younger more.

  • You're gorgeous, you'll find a nice guy one day don't rush.


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  • You look pretty. And never compare yourself to your friends, its toxic. 😲 And of course you are pretty enough to work at a bar. Eye shadow does make you look older, if thats what you want. No eye shadow tends to make some people look very innocent and young (like it does on you).
    Don't worry about your scars at all. I have plenty of annoying scars on my knees, few on my hands and elbows. No one has ever asked about it, complained about it or even mentioned it. Trust me, most people don't even notice scars on people, in fact they could care less, so its really not something you should worry about.