What kind of eye makeup would I suit? Eyeliner & eyeshadow wise (My picture below)?

I was thinking of trying simple eyeliner then moving on to attempting some different cat flicks/cat eyes but am interested in what you think I would suit?
What kind of eye makeup would I suit? Eyeliner & eyeshadow wise (My picture below)?


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  • It's not very useful to use a black and white picture. Now I don't know your hair colour, how pale your skin is etc. Your eyes seem pretty similar as mine.

    • My eyes are green & I have red hair :)

    • Alright you probably also have a fair skin like me. Tip number one is less is more with a pale skin. It can look overdone extremely fast. What you could try is.
      - a winged eyeliner could look great. Don't make it too big though.
      - a plum coloured eyeshadow or dark purple. It will make your green eyes pop. Sometimes a brown colour can look nice as well and a little bit more natural.
      - highlight in the eye corner for bigger looking eyes and a fresh look.
      - if you put on eye makup, don't forget to do your eyebrows. You probably have just like me very light eyebrows. It took a while for me to figure out how to make my eyebrows darker without looking fake. I just a brown coloured eyebrowgel. It just accentuates the eyebrows you already got.
      - look for a brown mascara if you want to look a bit more natural. It's a bit softer than black.
      - Don't use eyeshadow and eyeliner at the same time
      - For everything you should decide if it looks too much or not.