Would this hairstyle (combined of course) be too full on?

I hope I'm not annoying anyone with all of these how do I look questions, I can't really "help it"...

Anyways, as I've said in previous questions that I'm wanting to do a few things to my hair but I wonder what they would look like combined... Because when I dye my hair sometime early next year, I don't want to look like an idiot. I know some of you might have some mean things to say to me, but if you do please dont (I dont feel like reading them over and over until it sinks in)

Would this hairstyle (combined of course) be too full on...?
^ without the tips being warm toned, more like a light-mid cool brown

^ not the first or second just the end one

^ I dont really like the flat out shaved look but is this too long? And this is just for the side cut (If this is anyone on this website soz)

In the end this is pretty much a dark brown to light brown ombre (cool tones) with a side cut on the left, so would any of you people on here be able to tell me what this would look like combined? Because I can't and I feel kind of desperate right now...


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  • Dark brown to light brown is good combination, but shape the cut side to give it abetter look. It will definitely look like pixie hairstyle and will suit your face


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  • i can imagine the first pic style with the colour scheme u mentioned looking good. i kinda got lost with the 3rd and 4th images but yeah, that bob cut would look nice with the cool brown in it.


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  • all really suite really just make it blond


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  • the first one is pretty.. not sure how they would look combined sorry
    You could do whatever length you want with dark and light ombre, maybe caramel and a touch of red or brown. The style's up to you. Hope this helped a bit