Should I get plastic surgery?

I'm really ugly and can't get any girl. I've approached way too many girls in my life and have been rejected by every one of them. I'm really afraid of being alone rest of my life but it seems to look like this is what will happen. I've already had a shitty childhood of being sexually molested by a neighbor at age 6 and 7 who made me suck him and what not so I just want someone to help me forget my past at least. My dad treated me and my family pretty horribly too growing up. Anyways, I believe in natural looks but since I'm really ugly, I'm not sure whether to start saving up money for plastic surgery or not.


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  • No, don't get plastic surgery. Even if it 'improves' your appearance, that's not the root of the problem.

    You're obviously very insecure, and attributing the reason as to why however many girls turned you down to being because of your appearance. Which more than likely isn't the case. It's probably your self-doubting attitude that was the cause. Work on becoming more confident in yourself, and I guarantee that'll help you out with getting more female interest.

    • I became insecure after my several results. Like same ongoing results after 10 years of approaching girls at least.

    • ok well maybe try changing how you approach girls, or the type of girls you approach. Don't assume it's one thing by default without considering any other possible factors.

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  • Women respond to confidence, money, and appearance in that order. If you're not obese, have a good job, and appear confident when interacting with women you will eventually find one for you. If you live at mom's house, don't have a good job or any job, and show the lack of confidence you are showing in this question, no amount of plastic surgery will help.

    • @Asker Women instinctively seek confident provider types. Appearance is secondary as long as you at least appear healthy.

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    • I don't get what's the big deal with confidence. It's not easy being confident if you've had a really rough life.

    • @Asker The big deal is women still choose men based on what was important when humans lived in small tribes where wild animals surrounded them and genocide between neighboring tribes was common. It is instinctual. They want powerful tribe leader types because they best ensure their survival and that of their children.

      Today that translates to confident men with the financial backing to support a family.

      Appearance is a judge of health and is only important to the point his children are likely to survive to adulthood.

      Men in contrast place more value on appearance because in tribal times the position and power of the woman was irrelevant, just her health. So men put far more value on attractiveness still today.


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  • This is the mistake most men make when they are looking for girlfriends. Girls do not care about looks as much as guys do. Many guys will marry a girl and support her and her children for the rest of her life simply because he likes the way she looks. Girls are not like that. They look at your financial capabilities, your personality, your father figure qualities and your way of treating them. If you hit on girls you don't know - you could be very hot and still have a 99% rejection rate.

  • guess what, not all women are attractive , you can approch less attractive females.
    surgerys not always goes well.
    not all women care about looks
    go to the gym and work out, thaat will help you have more confidence and with a sexier body , your chances will be more

  • Picture? I'm sure you're not ugly☺.

  • Do you really want to spend uber amounts of money for attractiveness? I'm sure you'll find a girl, you just need to assert yourself into different environments and situations to meet girls.

    And as for your update: your question has been up for less than 20 minutes. Take a chill pill.

    • Tried too many times. Never worked. Wasted too much money trying to put myself out there. And if it wasn't for my update, you probably wouldn't have even seen or answered my question.

    • Sometimes putting yourself out there doesn't require money. And by the looks of things you seem a bit impatient and rude so I hope you don't treat girls that way or it may explain a few things. And as far as updates go, you realize it does nothing but make you look like an impatient jerk right? I clicked on this and decided to be nice because it had no answers.

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  • Are you sure it's about the looks? If it's about the face i don't think you should.
    Do you have an attractive body?
    Is your personality playful, compreensable, but also challenging?