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  • 😑😐 I do not care for Justin Bieber's songs.


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  • I watched the video without my preconceived dislike for Justin Bieber getting in the way. I analyzed the video purely on its own.

    I still didn't like it. Here's why:
    -- The rhythm in the song wasn't very original or unique. It sounded very generic in its design.
    -- There was no sense of movement in the song. The chorus maybe got a little more full/louder, but it on the whole seemed very repetitive. There was no big chorus or amazing release.
    -- The technical ability was lacking. Sure, Justin Bieber probably still has a decent voice. However, in this song, there weren't really any powerful reach notes or particularly hard sections from what I heard. He didn't use his talent. The instruments were also pretty bland. The electronic melody at 1:04 wouldn't be hard to do, nor did it have the catchiness factor like the electronic melody of something like Awolnation's "Sail."
    -- It lacked appeal to cross genres. You know a song is great when people who typically like other genres still like the song. (Think of Iris by Goo Goo Dolls. Rock people loved it, pop people loved it, acoustic people loved it. It had good footholds in various secs of people). This appeals mainly to pop people. It clashes against rock and many other genres.
    -- The lyrics weren't captivating either. Great lyrics can really enhance a song. Check out Ed Sheeran. He is great at writing lyrics. Check out Goo Goo Dolls. They have feelings in the song, or perhaps you can look them up and interpret them. They mean things to different people, and they can be powerful. "I'll Show You" has bland lyrics. Yeah, it is pretty obvious what they mean, but they aren't unique. If I could sit down and write something like that, they need to work on their lyrics xD

    TL;DR; I didn't like it.


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What Girls Said 2

  • J liked the video clip more than the song.
    But it s good overall.
    Do you know the place they shooted it?

  • Total trash. I hate Justin bieber

    • lol its a masterpiece.

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  • I like other Justin Bieber songs better.

  • please stop posting as a man, a man does not like justin bieber.