Teen girls, which hobbies and interests of a teen guy is more attractive? be completely honest?

assuming all else is equal...

guy 1:
- likes pop songs, like chipmunk'ed version of of pop music
- likes songs such as

- likes nature a lot, loves walks through the woods
- loves looking at the stars very much
-likes playing with children and teaching them

guy 2:
- likes rap music
-listens to Drake, Travis Scott, and other rappers
-likes modern TV shows
-likes sex and sometimes is a flirt
-likes parties and partying

  • guy 1 seems more attractive
    82% (9)0% (0)69% (9)Vote
  • guy 2 seems more attractive
    18% (2)100% (2)31% (4)Vote
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  • It depends on the girl - Some will like guy 1 and some will like guy 2 - Probably somewhere in between the two would be more attractive to girls.