Is nose job a good idea for me?

Ever since 4th grade I been bullied because I had the biggest nose out of all the students at school. Going to middle school was the worse thing that ever happened to me , I never made new friends maybe a couple of girls but I got bullied so much every fucking day by boys. I don't know why if I was that shy quiet girl. High school was more mature not so bad because I had people that were cool with me.
My securities always made me feel like shit , going out made me feel everybody was looking at my nose which they probably did. I had a boyfriend who hit me once in the face and he ended up giving me a bump on my nose.
Now I'm 20 and I'm thinking of getting a nose job should I would my insecurities go away?


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  • I vote no! Kids are cruel. That's it! You saw how it got a little better in HS. This has more to do with what's goin' on inside you now than it does with how the world may or nay not see you. Do yourself a favor and don't carry that baggage with you through ─╝ife. Let it go now. If you change your nose you will certainly find something else, then something else, then something else. "My breasts are too small!" "My tummy is not firm enough!" Where does it end? I personally like a girl with a nose. Look up this comedian, Chelsea Peretti. Cute girl! Love a girl with a cleft chin too! Love the characteristics that make you unique. Imagine if a guy said to you... "Get a nose job and I'll date you." How would you react? I hope you find peace and come to really like your nose. I'm sure I would. I'm also sure I'm not the only one. Who's with me?


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  • No Its not a good idea! Are you crazy?

    • I use to have a big nose now with that hit I received I have a bump and I feel more insecure I'm sure if you were in my shoes , nose job would be a option.

    • No because i wouldn't be able to afford it anyway! Fine do the nose job then you will feel even more insecure. But its understandable, okay hope you well.


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  • As you say the older you got, things got better plus we are always our own harshest critic - Maybe it isn't that bad at all - I think cosmetic plastic surgery should be the absolute last resort - Don't get tied up in physical features - There is more to a person than just their looks.

  • It might help, but at the same time you have to have reasonable expectations. It isn't going to change any other aspect of your life. It also won't erase the pain y9ou've already been through, and that will continue to affect you.


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