Girls, what is your definition of a real man?

I want more than holding door and other... Like how real man should talk, act...


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  • I don't like the whole "real men" concept, but some general things I look for in a boyfriend include: a kind heart, a caring/affectionate nature, intelligence, ambitiousness (i. e. doing something with his life), being family-oriented, being good with kids, and having a similar sense of humor as me. Having similar interests and hobbies helps, too.

    One "manly" thing I do find really attractive is knowing how to build/fix stuff, but I just see this as more of a bonus than a necessity. I also like when a guy is good at (or at least enjoys) sporty activities, like running, hiking, playing frisbee, etc., since I'm sporty myself. As far as chivalry goes, it's not necessary, but it's always appreciated.


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  • I think a real man is someone who believes in chivalry, one who can protect you and confident. But I don't really feel comfortable in the world "Real" because if you are a man you are a man, this is how I would like my man to be like though.

    • Alright, what about good man, what your definition of good man

  • A real man is someone who can sympathize with you when you are feeling sad and is not afraid of crying with you for being sad.