Girls, what do you call sexy?

What kind of body do you think is sexy?
And if i haven't this body do i still have a Chance to get a girl?


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  • Sexy to me is the whole package not just the body. But if I was going to describe that one feature it would be a guy who's not too thin, not too fat but just in the middle. Buff is overrated in my opinion. I think my opinion may be outdated though since you're 15. Girls are pretty easy going if the other aspects of the guy are good. ;)


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  • My boyfriend is in the Army so he is very fit which I think is attractive but I think his personality and eyes are super sexy. I think it's more than a guys body that makes him sexy. Different girls are into different things so you definitely have a chance. I personally like fit guys but some girls really are into the "dad bod" recently. I do not think you should worry to much, of course you have a chance

  • Personally I like muscular and tallish but don't get you hopes up dude you're still growing and if your short just look at Bruno Mars everybody loves him and if your not muscular just remeber... You're always gonna be better looking than one direction