To any man whose gf/wife has gotten a boob job, did you like them better before or after the procedure?

Also, if it built her confidence is that all that mattered to you? Did the way they felt afterwards turn you off or did it not bother you at all? Did you love her boobs before or did you think she needed to get one? Lastly, how do they feel different from natural boobs?


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  • The girl I went out with had the boob job before I got to know her but I saw pictures of her before the boob job and thought she looked better - She was very thin and her new boobs were very big - She said they helped her confidence but I felt it was a false confidence brought about by her new boobs - She became her boobs, it was like nothing else mattered, she didn't feel she had any other qualities except her looks and boobs - As you may have gathered she was very insecure underneath it all which eventually led to relationship breaking down - What did they feel like I remember they were firm but not naturally firm and in this particular case I felt they were too big for her body so I thought the skin was very stretched around the implants - It wasn't a bad job, they just looked false and felt a bit false is probably the best way to describe it plus on top of all that my preference is for smaller breasts which didn't help. If you are a very visual man and into big boobs, it may be a bonus but for most other guys there may be side issues of different levels depending on the guy's tastes.


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  • No one like boob jobs. Period.

  • I liked them better before but they were nice and perky. However I'd rather have fake ones than bad real ones

    • Would you prefer fake ones over small ones? Small ones that look good of coarse... And what size were hers before and what size is she now? Why did u like them better before?

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    • How much did u have to pay a month? And how much was the down payment?

    • I paid for them up front. You can put down like Half and the payment will be around 200

  • I prefer small natural breasts over implants, even if she's flat chested.

    I did a take on this:

  • Gee... I'm too chicken shit to ask her to get one...

    • Why do you think she needs one? Are they too small or are they just ugly?

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    • Well I have no idea who she is... or who you are. Lol. I'm just trying to get opinions.

    • What size are the

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