I don't know if I am ugly or pretty.. Just can't trust this mirrors anymore. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW I AM AN ATTRACTIVE FEMALE?

People tell me i am pretty, my cousins are attractve and even my brothers are good looking .. But then I look in the mirror and.. I do not see someone pretty. I am afraid i will never get a boyfriend because I am practically antisocial hah sooo.. should i go out more often? Or..


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  • I've just looked at your picture: you're attractive! Just don't be shy, be approachable for guys or approach them yourself.
    Most of girls think they're not attractive because they aren't opened to guys; sorry, girls, but that's true. I knew a girl, which was attractive enough, but she was rejecting guys or behaving in an unapproachable way, and consequently she ended up thinking that she is ugly.
    You know what? In 99% of cases guys never reject any girl who would approach them, while it's other way round for girls.


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  • self reassuring statements and affirmations will help.

    Every morning in the mirror, tell yourself you love your body and think your beautiful.

    after each meal, tell yourself your happy with yourself the way you are

    dont say you're ugly, dont internalize all this negativity - it will depress you and warp your view on how you actually are.

    This is how body-disorders start. This is why people get so freakishly thin. They think they're unnattractive when really they've just convinced themselves so.

    you're only 19. you're so young. Enjoy yourself. Dont think too hard about this stuff.

    Someone will like you for who you are, hell there's probably someone who already does.

  • From what I see in your profile pic you are very cute - I think we are always our own harshest critic - Just think if everyone says you are very pretty chances are you are very pretty despite what you think when you look in the mirror unfortunately we all tend to be a little insecure when we look in the mirror.

  • Judging by your picture you are a cutie :)

    • Thankyou 😊❤️

    • Dont think or worry to much. Just dress good and smell good and you will attract guys. And u really are cute

    • Thankyou 😄 just saw your picture and you are cute too 💕 I guess i am just too shy.. Aaaand i don't go out often :p

  • Ask a fortune teller


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  • From your dark picture I can tell you have pretty features. Nothing to get stressed over.