Girls, Girls do I look ok or do I need more gym work?

Some people say I should get completely ripped I'm on the fence though

Thanks for opinions


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  • arms look good, it's hard to see your abs so I don't know what that one chick is going on about having kids and looking better than you lmao


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  • My stomach is more toned than yours and I've had two kids already 🙃 When you workout, you can't leave leave one part of the body left out, it just looks weird

    • I want my abs

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    • That's stupid considering a lot of guys don't mind a lot of strange quirks that us women feel about ourselves.

    • It just makes me really self consious if I ever went to a beach I would never take my shirt off till my abs are visible

  • by your profie pic. i think you look REALLY good. to be honest i think guys sometimes overdo it and end up going the opposite direction they were hoping and becoming unatractive

  • Completely ripped looks fake.
    I think what you have looks attractive. A little more will be equally attractive. I have a pretty wide scope for what I think is attractive. From what I have seen in similar questions on GAG, most girls your age would prefer you how you are.

    • Thanks I'm always embarrassed to take my shirt off

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    • You don't have to have a six pack showing to have a nice body. You have nice pecs, tho.

    • Where are you seeing these pecs cause I don't see them and secondly that's what I was always trained unless you have a six pack you don't have a good body