Hey girls & guys, which is your favorite looks , here are some of my favorite actors?

Tom cruise
Hey girls & guys, which is your favorite looks , here are some of my favorite actors?

Ranbir kapoor

Arnold schwarzenegger

Sylvester stallone

John abraham

Hrithik roshan

Ranbir singh

  • Tom cruise
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  • ranbir kapoor
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  • arnold schwarzenegger
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  • sylvester stallone
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  • john abraham
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  • hrithik roshan
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  • ranbir singh
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Nope, voting is not only option. Describe a word about your favorite. Like you like his looks, body, smile, personalty, action, acting, or anything you like.


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What Girls Said 2

  • I've always had a thing for Tom Cruise.

    • Like what ;-)

    • Celebrity crush lol

    • That's cool but I know it's not the right answer ;-) Even i like him a lot But not in same manner as you like him :-)

  • I don't like the looks of any of them

    • No problem dear every one has different taste and choices :-)

What Guys Said 2

  • siddharth malhotra and tom cruise are equally the world's handsomest men,

    • Yep, his acting in scenes is really awesome , talking about siddharth, can say better than tom cruise, but tom cruise's actions are superb

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    • ranveer singh is a lauda lol and agar body dikhani thi, hrithik is the greek god when it comes to the bod, not john abraham, that guy is way too big

    • Except his buttocks, hez good personality though in front of senior actors every one looks stupi, if comparing with akshay. Overall hez a good personality.

  • Tom Cruise is like 5'7" lol

    Arnold and Sylvester FTW. Alpha of all Alphas.