Who do I look like?

I just wonder who do i look like? Maybe one of your friends or someone you know or a celebrity. I think Its a funny topic for me :)) I would like to know who do i look like :) You can post the person's pic that you think he look like me:) If you post â monkey pic , it would make me laugh :))

Who do I look like ?


Most Helpful Girl

  • You're actually quite attractive!!! Would look even better with a little beard! Cok Guzel

    • Thanks a lot but thats not what i am asking haha :) I just want to know who do i look like :) Teşekkürler

    • Oh as a celebrity look alike? Or anybody? You remind me of another Gager on here

    • Someone you know or celebrity.:) can you post his pic? The person that reminds me to you

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  • You look well but offhand I can't think of any celebrity you look like.


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