How do the girls look?

Profile picture again :)
Please don't say 'pretty' or so one, only to be nice.
be honestly :)
but I would prefer comments like
' the girl with the curly hair is attractive, because of her eyes. She looks hot and like a mysterious person.
Better discribing :)
For all 3 girls or one, who is interesting you :)
or the most beu' :)


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  • Here's what I would say about each, just from observation.

    Girl 1: Girl 1 is above average in my opinion. More specifically, I like her hair and smile. Maybe it is just me and I guess "preferences," but I like straight hair. The straight hair works well for her. Overall, she is cute for her age.
    Her strong suits are her hair, smile.

    Girl 2: Girl 2 is average looking in my opinion. Girl 2's first photo looks much better than her second. I feel like smiling more would help her look more attractive. I'm not a huge fan of the hairstyle in the second pic of her, and I don't know if the shade of lipstick works for her, but she does have cute eyes.
    Her strong suits are eyes.
    Weak points are hair style, face shape, choice of makeup.

    Girl 3: Girl 3 is above average looking in my opinion. That specific picture makes her look almost like she is shy (given that her smile seems only half). For some reason, that is giving a more relatable sort of vibe to her. I don't know how to describe it. I like her hair and hair color. If I had to get picky, I think her eyebrows are slightly better than girl 1's.
    Strong suits are cool hair / eyes / eyebrows.
    DISCLAIMER: looks are subjective. What I find attractive may not be the same for the next guy and so on.

    In my honest opinion, I find girl 3 the most attractive, closely followed by girl 1, followed by girl 2.


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What Guys Said 5

  • well, as all things on the internet, I'll start with something simple and somewhat universal (not a coincidence): I'll 'rank' them from hottest to least so (though, that's still a high bar because, even though you said I should say otherwise, they are all very pretty :-):

    bottom right -> top middle -> bottom middle -> top left -> bottom left -> top right.

    the first two listed have a 'cutesy' look to them. Honestly, they look kind of young - like possibly still in their teens?

    The third looks older, but... artsy? She looks like a healthy mix of 'confident' and 'inexperienced', which is always an attractive combination?

    top left is basically the same sort of assessment as the first two, but slightly less so (or maybe I was just looking for something different when doing the rankings?)

    bottom left and top right look somewhat... eager? A little bit sad, though that's not really a good or bad thing.

    • So number 1 is the cute girl
      Number 2 the normal girl
      Number 3 the artsy girl 😄
      thanks for your long and good comment

  • They are very young. I think #3 is prettiest.

  • I find number 3 the most appealing.
    I'm not sure exactly why. I like her hair?
    Fucking preferences ok haha.

  • all these chicks look a little young to me

  • number 3 girls looks hot i like her face features


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  • they all look pretty to me.

  • They are ALL attractive in their own way. They look young and happy :) no one there is the most beautiful all of them are beautiful in their own way ;)

  • I love 1 and 3 :) The number 3 girl with leather jacket is absolutely gorgeous <3 I wanna look like her... but sadly I'm just blondie...

  • they are nice