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Im 19. Im about 5'8 225lbs im short with a big build. I am on the bigger side but very muscular. Im crazy athletic, my friends hate it. I play football, rugby, basketball, and bike. I've been told many times that im ''handsome''. But im still trying very hard to find a girlfriend, and still nothing. I dont know what it is?


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  • You sound very attractive. And I would consider 5'8 to be average. Not short

    • Well thank you :), and your right its not short, but I feel girls nowadays really prefer taller men. like 6 feet. And I do sound attractive but because im average height at first I don't seem that attractive. its seeing me at a physical level that makes me attractive.

  • I prefer bigger guys! And it sounds like you have a lot going for you!
    Sometimes when you stop looking, the right person will find you; don't stress about it, it'll happen! :)