Is my skin color acceptable among Asian woman?

I didn't put this for "ratings" or for people to tell me how i look... i just want to know.. is my skin color acceptable amaong Asian (japanase, korean) woman.. or they just
Is my skin color acceptable among Asian woman?

want white skin color guys only... this doesn't have any editing or effects, but my galaxy s4 has the lighting thing in the camera so i can take good pics even in bad lighting rooms or dark rooms


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  • Its not the skin color that's a problem. That unibrow though.. Turn off.

    • Lol... ik... i just need to seperste both of em and make it a bit sharp... but is the skin color good for jap/kor people?

    • Yes lpl you're skin color is fine!

    • What about the facial hair? A well styled sharp one?

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  • U r like a Muslim men in India

    • Lol... im not indian but im a muslim Canadian

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    • Please change your hair style to left side hair style spikes is not good your face

    • What do u mean left side? Then what style suits better?