Girls, Would you find me sexy?

Alright so I ask cuz I have an insecurity about something in particular... I used to be a chubby kid and I lost 99% of my overweight fat but having been overweight has filled me "second guesses" about what women think of my appearance. To be honest I've always had really hot girlfriends (even when I was fat) and they've always told me how handsome and sexy I am but they were my girlfriends so maybe they were saying it more out of love... My new girlfriend never stops saying it and always claims that she gets jealous cuz other women are always looking at me or flirting with me in front of her but is she just telling me that cuz she loves me and wants to make me happy? Anyway I know it's dumb but maybe hearing it from someone I don't know will make me feel as if they're being truly honest. So I'll describe myself... I'm 6 foot 1, full head of thick brown hair that's shaved on the side and long on the top, short well kept beard, light green blue eyes, chiseled jaw line, big arms and wide shoulders (football player) and the thing I'm worried about is although I don't have a pot hanging over my pants I don't have a fit stomach or abs... So is that a turn off for you?


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  • any chance of a picture?

  • Not at all :)

    • That's the answer to your last question, not the original one. Should have clarified, sorry 😕

    • Haha no problem... :) thanks 😘

    • 😀 😊