How is this pic?

So I was just on a chat site and somebody screenshotted me to troll me lol and i think the pic actually turned out to be a decent one

How is this pic?


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  • With a face like that you would look gorgeous in any pic and you look especially good in that one.


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  • Broo

    Are you Middle Eastern?

    Cause i'm telling you, you look a little like Zayn Malik.

    Just grow your hair, pimp it up like that gent. Groom and trim your beard a little so it's proportional. Lose some weight and shed some cheeks and get a slimmer and more aesthetic looking face.

    Just do this. Trust.

    You'll turn into such a sax, you'll have girls ALLLL OOVVEERRRR YOOOUUU in NO time bro.

    • lol no, i am indian, north indian to be specific and no i am not too bothered with girls and all lol, i work out, i actually lost a lot of weight went from around 35% body fat to 18% and by this time next year i aim to be at 10%. I already date girls enough he he but no swarming all over me lol

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    • ha ha they both have persian genetics and are ridiculously good looking men, thanks a lot, flattered as fuck man lol

    • anytime bro ;D


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  • It's a nice picture. Maybe they were hating on you?

    • yup, we keep doing it out there lol, screenshotting each other and photoshopping

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  • He might be an ISIS terrorist
    looks too ISIS to me LOL

    • yeah i get told i look arab a lot lol but i am indian