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I'm 5 10' and weigh 150. I know it sounds like a lot but I spend most of my time playing sports (I've played softball, volleyball, basketball, soccer, and right now I'm doing tennis and kickboxing) and I also like exercising so a good bit of my leg mass is muscle and I have a decently flat stomach but no abs. Because I do workouts with squats, I have a decent butt. (Not flat, not huge) My bra size is C. I have a thigh gap. I'm a size 4 but I can do 2 in dresses if I want. I have wavy brown hair just below my shoulders and bright Hazel eyes. The only problems I see are my wide shoulders and (because of genetics) my overly loose joints (double jointed.


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  • The way you described yourself you seem quite hot
    For a much better opinion upload a picture maybe

    • I asked the same question with pictures attached. The question is slightly changed into What do guys like in Girls?

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    • won't let me send a link, but I posted it under the question What do guys like in a girl? (It's FINALLY posted)

    • Okay lemme check


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  • U sound amazing.. U know u can post pics 😍

  • Someone will mate with you probably.

  • guy like me... like to see an image


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