Do I use to much makeup?

Do I?

Be honest, no hurt feelings! Since all you guys are strangers haha :p

But tell me?


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  • I think you should use just enough makeup to make yourself feel good about the way you look but don't use more to impress those people who think you need more make-up.

    I am the kind of guy who doesn't like make-up. 1) because it hides the real you and 2) because I always thought it would get all over me if we were hugging kissing.

    Don't get me wrong tho... I do think you are a very beautiful young lady.

    • So does it look like I use to much makeup for you?
      I need honest opinions lol :D
      So I can change my makeup and start using less...

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    • Okay, thanks for your honest opinion :)

    • But you have to remember. I'm the guy who wishes there was no makeup if it were up to me. LOL

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