Girls, any makeup advice for me?

Do you have any make up advice for me the first picture is me without makeup and the second is with.

Girls, any makeup advice for me?


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  • put invisible makeup it will make you look more beautiful... excuse me.. you are already so beautiful you don't need makeup at all

    • just a tip for taking good selfies.. take it from side view it will make ur nose look thinner.. and eyeliiner might add impact on your eyes

  • You are beautiful the way you are. But I know right now your probably not looking for people to tell you that, but maybe to give some actual advice.
    Try maybe to put a bit more around your eyes, like eyeliner or a little bit of eyeshadow. Look up tutorials! And I'd work on your eyebrows, because eyebrows shape the whole face. I didn't find it out until recently, but when I look back on pictures where I was 14/15, i really regret not using an eyebrow pencil. Might look kind of scary at first, but fill in those bad boys in gradually, and you'll never go back:)
    If there's anything else on your face you might want to bring out, or make another feature more prominent, maybe use bronzer or concealer, highlighter etc.
    but remember less is more and don't go overboard :) good luck