Girls, Shaved head or not?

Girls, Shaved head or not?

Which better suits me? I've had trouble getting dates, I know I'm not good looking but I like to think there's still hope for me right?

Ok... I get it. I'm not many girls type. But how can I be a good looking guy?
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  • You're not "not good looking". Don't think like that! And I the lighting makes it a little hard to see, but I think I like the shaved head better. What do you think about facial hair? I could definitely see shaved head with facial hair being a good look.

    • Lol you didn't wanna say that. You know I look ugly. I can tell how you said it. I'm used to it.

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    • Yea right. All you said is untrue. I am the ugliest person you know.

      Time is running out on me,,, not sure if I like life anymore. Just alchole.

    • Sooooo I'm trying to figure out if this was all a trolling scam? I don't really know what you want... I'm not going to to pet you and spoon feed you life? Have you ever seen Crazy Stupid Love? Your Steve Carrel. Pay close attention to the scene where the hot girl says that she would have sex with him and he starts laughing at her and telling her "no you wouldn't" and so the hot girl starts to doubt herself... kinda what you're doing here. Asking for people opinions while you turn around and tell them how they really feel... if I had to guess your problem with women... it's that your attitude gives them whiplash. Good luck!

  • Dude, you're not ugly. You're totally cute in an average-joe kinda way. Have some more confidence and maybe you'll have better luck dating :P

    I don't mind the hair but I think you look younger without it. Maybe try a buzz? I think it would suit you.

    • A buzz like in the army? What's cute in an average guy way? I don't think u meant that

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    • Thank you 😀 If only women approached

    • Then again ur lying. U don't think I'm cute. Ur just saying things I wanna hear. No girl gives me attention.

      Time is running out on me. Why even like life? Sick of looking ugly. Girls only want looks.