What do you think about this girls amazing transformation?

This is Emily Schroom a fitness coach from Denver. To the far left was what her body use to look like, and she actually was suicidal and depressed by how she looked. To the far right is what she looked like after undergoing crossfit training.

What do you think about this girls amazing transformation ?
Some more pics post training:


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  • I seen your questions and yes we get it you only care about looks only and you think fit and attractive people have easier lives and everyone else is losers to you. There happy?

    • " yes we get it you only care about looks only "

      If you actually bother to look at my responses/advice to people you'd realize i don't only care about looks. So no you don't get it.

      " you think fit and attractive people have easier lives and everyone else is losers to you. "

      I posted a study that shows that from the halo effect that people who are attracitve have an easier time advance their career. You can't be butthurt by a study that took over the span of 15 years and was backed up by lead researchers.


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    • He just posted about a girl that went from suicidal to happy with her life, what are you talking about looks? Get a fucking life!

    • @ConsultantIsBack OH Look one of the biggest douche bags on gag besides dudeman

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  • Incredible, she really worked hard in transforming herself.


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  • She looks great before and after. I think it's kind of sad how she was suicidal though. I think she looks really beautiful in the before. Actually I prefer the before, don't really like girls with abs, but if she's happier that way good for her

  • Fitness changes lives, Fitness saves lives!!

  • in my opinion her body looked better before. She lost too much bodyfat. :-/

  • Fair play to her

  • It makes me sad that people who look good take extra effort to look just as good.

    • It's not that people who look good put in extra effort to look just as good. People who look good got that way from working hard on their appearance.

      Many people see these guys with six pack abs and girls with nice bodies and are like, I wish i was born like that. What they don't realize is these guys watch their diet, go to the gym and work on themselves constantly.

      It's analogous to a poor person seeing rich celebrities on tv and wishing they were rich but realizing the effort the celebrity made to get to there.

    • What I'm saying is that she looked good before her change.

  • I have seen a question on GAG that was about weakness of girl... they must see this

    • Weakness of girls still remains true, for number of reasons, there are much less athletic girl then athletic guys, and muscular guys are still generally bigger and stronger then muscular girls, both in height and in muscle mass, so there is no way around it, man a known as the strongest sex for an very good reasons. Men are generally bigger then women, and man can have much more muscle mass thank to having much more testosterone. Athletes should be compared with other athletes, so to compare an office guy with athletic girl is not right, also there is a reason why in professional sports, women can't compete with men and so they have an separate competitions. no matter how hard women might try, men are still stronger, and non-arrogant women simple learn to accept the fact that men are naturally stronger then women.



    • @Berethor why so serious bro?

  • If she was suicidal about the way she looked in that photo, then she clearly has mental issues. I thought she was going to be obese, or something.

  • Looks great. Good for her.